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CallConnect™ Best Practices & FAQs
CallConnect™ Best Practices & FAQs
Written by Keeley Barnes
Updated over a week ago

Best Practices:

In order to optimize for CallConnect Setups. The following best practices and expectations should be set to the customer when they are considering using CallConnect as a Verse setup:

Priority Questions:

CallConnect Scripts should NOT have any priority questions in the way of the CallConnect Transfer. The goal of CallConnect is to get leads over to your Call Center right away.

Test before going live:

Since Verse has very little control over how your VOIP system is set up, we'll want to test the experience before going live. Be sure to put yourself through the CallConnect process to understand if there are any issues that need to be resolved.

Business Hours:

In order to optimize engaging leads via SMS on CallConnect, we should ALWAYS gather Business Hours from customers as the CallConnect Scripts utilize dynamic business hours scripting for leads engaged during and off-business hours.


Q: What happens when a lead calls your Verse phone number?
A: The call will be routed directly to your call center.

Q: What happens when a CallConnect is attempted?
A: The lead record will be updated with the attempt result, either connected successfully or unsuccessfully. If the attempt is unsuccessful we'll coordinate with the lead to try again later.

Q: Are leads reminded of scheduled calls?
A: Yes! We send a reminder text to leads 10-minutes before a scheduled call. However, we suppress that reminder text from going out if the lead has been Qualified.

Q: When do we reject Inbound Calls (IBCs) from leads for CallConnect?
A: To reduce the number of spam leads routed to our CallConnect clients, we reject inbound calls from leads that have never been in our system before. IBCs from leads already in their system will still be CallConnect Transferred.

Q: When a CallConnect is transferred, what does your team hear?
A: When your call center answers a CallConnect transfer, they are able to hear an OPTIONAL message that provides them the context they need before speaking with the lead. Usually, this will be a pre-recorded IVR recorded by Customer Success to use in this instance.

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