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Hard Appointment Time Zone Setup using Calendly
Hard Appointment Time Zone Setup using Calendly
Written by Keeley Barnes
Updated over a week ago

We recommend locking your time zone in Calendly to ensure that our Concierge team is referencing your time zone when scheduling phone appointments.

To make this change, please follow the steps below:

1. Log into your Calendly
2. Find the event you are using for Verse and select Edit

3. On the next page, click on When can people book this event?

4. Next, under the third header Event Time Zone, select Edit in blue at the end of the line

5. When the new window pops up, select the option Locked at the top (#1), and in the middle of the screen (#2), choose your time zone. When you are ready, select “Apply” at the bottom of the popup (#3).

6. Once you have locked the timezone, please click the blue Save and Close button

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