How to set up CallReady
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What You Need to Do to Set Up CallReady

  • Designate or create a status in your CRM to signify that a lead is ready to be called, like “Verse Qualified - Call Ready”.

  • Build the automation between your CRM and your dialing system that will signal your team to start dialing when that status is set.

By setting up CallReady, Verse can now...

  • Tailor scripts for quick conversion that puts qualified leads in your hands (or queued in your dialing system) as quickly as possible

  • Mark the lead as “Verse Qualified -Call Ready” in your CRM when we’ve determined a lead is ready to speak to you

(Optional) Integrations to maximize CallReady's functionality:

  • Option #1: Round Robin

  • Option #2: Shark Tank

End to End Diagram of CallReady Functionality

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