This article will go over the types of Qualified Lead Hand-Offs we can set up for your via our conversional scripting framework. We will also cover the pros and cons of each type of hand-off and also offer recommendations based on the type of customer in order to be best optimized for your sales team.

Call Ready/Quick Convert - No Appointments Needed

This type of hand-off is set up to immediately transfer hot leads as soon as they have answered all your custom questions and met your criteria to be deemed a good fit. Rather than having our representatives set up an appointment with the lead via a Calendar Booking link, or hot transfer digitally to your CRM for your internal sales team to take the next step with the lead.

Who is this recommended for?

  • Companies with a large number of team members in house who are ready to hop on these qualified leads quickly and place outbound calls quickly.

  • Companies staffed at least 6 days a week to make calls quickly.

  • Companies who can typically place an outbound call to qualified leads within 15 minutes (ideally 5 minutes).

  • Companies who want to quick lead conversion so that their teams can follow up and stay on top of all their leads.


  • Maximum Opportunity for Qualified Leads - Leads will not drop off during an appointment booking step.

  • Your sales team can always have a queue of the hottest leads ready to be called, that are deemed both qualified and responsive, usually awaiting a quick call back.

  • Sales team morale improves as in house sales reps get a queue of hot leads they know are qualified.


  • Leads qualified outside of business hours can be harder to get a hold of (can be mitigated with Script Verbiage and proper expectation setting with the consumer).

Script Examples:

  • Call Ready/Quick Convert by SMS Example

Soft Appointment-Setting

This type of hand-off gathers the best date/time that leads prefer to be reached back out to. We typically see this phrased in a script as a "Best time to reach" question, and works great for use-cases where leads are pre-assigned to a sales rep in your CRM and organization in advance, delivering each individual sales rep a highly qualified lead, without the expectation that the sales rep will be able to call each lead back in 5-10 minutes (i.e. the Hot Transfer scenario above).

Who is this recommended for?

  • Companies with leads pre-assigned to sales reps in the CRM in advanced.

  • Companies who have sales rep on the go (like Realtors or Loan Officers).

  • Lead generation companies.


  • Leads will be set with a soft appointment date/time to reach out to

  • Sales Reps will have the opportunity to modify this to their schedule further by following with each lead thereafter


  • Leads can forget their soft appointment if no efforts were made to remind them of it (can be mitigated with Script Verbiage and proper process setup on the customer’s end)

  • Higher chance for leads to drop off during the process of gathering a date/time to reach back out to the lead.

Script Examples:

  • Soft Appointment by SMS Example

Hard Appointment-Setting

This type of hand-off will has Verse Concierges setting hard appointments via a provided calendar booking link (Calendly, OnceHub, Hubspot Bookings, etc). The booking information will also be recorded in the qualified lead summary notes upon qualification, and the calendar booking application can also be set up to send reminders to the customer and also put invitations directly into the sales reps and lead's calendars as well.

Who is this recommended for?

  • Companies with a smaller number of team members

  • Companies who need to set up in-person and virtual meetings with customers

  • Companies without dedicated staff to coordinate the distribution and handling of leads

  • Companies that don’t have too much flexibility within their schedules.


  • Solidified Appointments are Booked Upon Qualification

  • Calendar Applications can be set up to follow up and remind customers of their appointment

  • Leads can reschedule without the need of Verse intervention


  • Higher chance of Lead Drop-off during the Appointment booking Phase of the Lead Engagement.

  • High chance that a lead's preferred time is not available on the calendar, leading to more back and forth with lead with more chance of drop-off.

  • More setup required within 3rd Party Applications (Fees can also apply with those services as well)

Script Examples:

  • Hard Appointment by SMS Example

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