1. On the Zapier home screen, click on your profile bubble and then Settings in the top right-hand corner

2. On the left-hand column of the Settings page, select Members

3. Click Add Member on the top right

4. Enter annie@verse.io and select Member from the Role drop-down menu.

IMPORTANT! You’re not done just yet. Once Annie at Verse.io has accepted the invitation, please share the user on the folder Verse.io will be working out of and the connections that will be used as well.

5. Create a shared folder where the integration will live by going to Zaps in the left-hand column and clicking the “+”

6. Name the folder “Verse.io Integration” or whatever fits best

7. Share the folder by clicking “Share with” on the top right-hand corner, type annie@verse.io, and select Annie from the dropdown.

8. Connect and Share the connection needed for the integration. First, go to My Apps in the left-hand column.

9. If you have not connected your CRM or lead source yet, please go to Add Connection in the top right corner and select your CRM or lead source from the dropdown (i.e. Salesforce).

10. Zapier will walk you through connecting your account. Once it is connected, it will be listed in My Apps.

11. Now, share the connection. Click on the lock that says “Only You”

12. Under “Share with” type annie@verse.io and select the user from the dropdown. **Sometimes there is a lag on this step, but the connection will list the new user. Then click Done.

13. If applicable, repeat this process for all connected accounts that will be needed in the integration.

14. Notify your Client Success Manager that all of these steps have been completed and we can begin to work our magic!

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