To connect your zBuyer account to Verse you'll need to contact zBuyer directly and provide them with your unique verse forwarding email. This will allow them to configure your zBuyer account to be able start sending Verse your new leads.

Step 1) Find your Unique Verse Email Adress

Your unique forwarding email address is located in your Verse dashboard. To view this email address, sign in to your Verse account here and navigate to "settings" and then "connections" as seen below.

Step 2) Contact zBuyer Support

To configure your zBuyer account in order to start sending Verse your new leads, you'll need to contact zBuyer support directly.

Their support contact information is:

Call: 800.379.5559

Step 3) Request a test lead from zBuyer

Here at Verse, we strongly advise that you test your zBuyer configuration with their support team to make sure you are properly receiving new leads. Once they've successfully sent you a test lead, you should log in to your Verse Dashboard and make sure you've received it.

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