Log all Verse activity in Zendesk Sell automatically, making it easier for your sales team to reference and keep track of activity with each lead.

You can log each conversation in real time as it's happening as "Notes" in Zendesk Sell, so it can easily be referenced within your Zendesk Sell Activity History for each lead. This includes 2-way SMS transcripts, notes left by Verse reps, Verse Call Attempt logs, and email attempts. Your sales team will be able to easily reference a complete interaction history with each lead.

Note: In order to sync this data over to your CRM in real-time, we recommend leveraging Zapier. If you're unfamiliar with Zapier, we highly recommend checking out our article here to learn more.

Start the process by creating a new Zap.

Step 1) Add a "New Lead Activity" Verse Trigger

The first step in this process is to select the "New Lead Activity" Verse Trigger.

Note: you'll be asked to authenticate with your Verse account if you haven't already done so. If this is your first time authenticating Verse with Zapier, check out our How to Get Started with Verse on Zapier Guide.

Step 2) Add a "Create Note" Zendesk Sell Action Event

Next, add a Zendesk Sell step and select the "Update lead" action event and click continue.

Afterwards, select your account and continue. Then you should mapping the following fields under Customize Note:

  • Lead: select the "External Lead ID" from Verse custom fields. This will associate the task to your lead in Zendesk Sell.

  • Content: select the "Verse Type" from Verse custom fields. This will include subject lines like "Outbound SMS" and "Outbound Call Attempt". Also, select the "Verse Note" from Verse custom fields. This will include the sms content and more.


The final result should look like this below.

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