You can automatically update your leads in Pipedrive with Verse qualification summary, sync custom qualification data that Verse collects over to corresponding fields in Pipedrive, and update your Lead Status in Pipedrive so that your sales team can take it from there.

Note: In order to sync this data over to your CRM in real-time, we recommend leveraging Zapier. If you're unfamiliar with Zapier, we highly recommend checking out our article here to learn more.

Start the process by creating a new Zap.

Step 1) Add a "New Qualified Lead" Verse Trigger

The first step in this process is to select the "New Qualified Lead" Verse Trigger.

Note: you'll be asked to authenticate with your Verse account if you haven't already done so. If this is your first time authenticating Verse with Zapier, check out our How to Get Started with Verse on Zapier Guide.

Step 2) Add an "Update Record" Pipedrive Action

Next, add a Pipedrive step and select the "Update Deal" action type and click Continue.

Afterwards, search and select your Pipedrive account and hit continue. Then, and most importantly, map the "External Lead ID" field from Verse into the "Deal" entry in your Zap. When you click into the "Deal" entry, make sure to click over to the "Custom" tab to find the "External Lead ID" field.

It should then look like the screenshot below.

**Note: If for some reason your Verse leads don't have an External Lead ID stored with your setup, you'll need to add a "Find Record" step in your Zap as part the process.

Step 3) Map over your Verse Summary and Lead Status

The final step is to map over any custom data fields over to your record, but the two fields you'll want to focus on are Status, and "Verse Summary".

  • Status - Best practice is to create a new lead status pick-list value in Pipedrive like "Verse Qualified (verse pipeline)" as an example. This allows your sales team to clearly see that a lead was qualified by Verse and can take the next steps from there. You can also use existing status fields like a simple "Qualified" or whichever fields your organization uses.

  • Verse Summary- The Verse Summary contains the full summary of Verse's conversation with your lead, including your custom qualification data, along with any additional custom notes left by the Verse rep that qualified your lead. This data can be mapped to a corresponding custom field in Pipedrive like "Verse Summary Notes" for example, and can also be mapped to a standard Pipedrive field like "Initial Notes" as seen in screenshot below.


The final result should look like this below.

Note: For Unqualified Lead updates, it's pretty much the same thing, but uses it's own trigger so you can better control status and log reason's unqualified. You can check out a full walk through here: Unqualified lead updates in Pipedrive

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