While each zap is unique, there are a few common steps you will complete while making most - if not all - zaps. We’ve outlined these common steps below, using Verse.io’s Zapier app as an example.


Trigger Steps:

  1. Choose an app

  2. Choose a trigger

  3. Connect an account

  4. Trigger details (optional)

  5. Test the trigger


Action Steps:

  1. Choose an app

  2. Choose an action

  3. Connect an account

  4. Set up action template

  5. Test the action

  6. Then you must turn on the zap! Please don’t forget this crucial step because the zap will not work until it is toggled on.

Watch a video about building your first zap here or read a more in-depth tutorial here .You can also read tutorials on how to make commonly-used zaps with Verse.io!
When you are done building the zap, you can name your automation. It’s helpful to give each zap a unique name based on its functionality.

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