With lead assignment in Zapier, we can reference the assigned sales user or "owner" in our conversation with each lead AND notify them directly once qualified! 

Step 1 - Trigger from CRM or Webhook

You can use this feature with multiple CRMs or a customized webhook, depending on your team’s setup. Here are the steps if you are using one of our most popular CRMs - Commissions, Inc. or CINC.

1. Start by searching for and selecting Commissions Inc. Zapier app for the Trigger (as shown below). Please Note: The Zapier integration must be enabled by the team leader with CINC support. Their Zapier app is also available by invite only

2. Next, choose the “New Lead" trigger and press the blue “Continue” button (as shown below).

3. Connect to your CINC account to ensure we are receiving your team’s leads. You will need your team’s Zapier API key, which can be found in CINC under “Profile and Settings”, then “Integrations”.

4. Next, Zapier will show samples to set up your Zap. Once you reach the screen below, please select one of the samples provided and then click “Continue.”

Congratulations! You’ve now completed the first step of your zap. Next we’ll finish building your zap to send your leads to Verse.io.

Step 2 - Action to Send Lead to Verse.io

Now that you’ve completed the first step, we are going to setup your new leads to come to Verse.io, including the personal details of the owner assigned. This lead assignment will allow our Concierge team to contact your team member directly about their new leads!

1. Search for and choose Verse.io’s Zapier app.

2. Once you click on Verse.io Zapier app, you’ll need to select the action. Please choose “Create Lead” and then select “Save + Continue”.

3. Now you will need to connect your Verse.io account to Zapier. First, click on "+Add a New Account”, which will open a pop up for you to enter your Verse.io Zapier API key.

Each Verse.io profile has a unique API key. You can find this key in your Verse.io dashboard under “Settings”, then “Connections”. Copy and paste your API key in the Zapier pop up.

4. Once you’ve connected the account, your profile will be visible back on the main Zapier page. Select your account, and then press “Save + Continue”.

5. Click on the button next to each field to see options from your CRM or webhook. Match the options to the closest field in Verse.io.

Note: if you are making this zap with CINC, you will need to use Zapier’s paths functionality to ensure that we receive your buyer and seller leads correctly.

6. If you scroll down to the bottom of the page, you will see fields for the owner contact details (they all start with the word “Owner”). This is how we’ll know who the lead is assigned to. If a piece of information is not provided, we will use the details provided within your team’s Verse.io dashboard.

7. Send a test lead to Verse.io. We will likely receive the test lead if the sample from the first step included accurate contact information, but please continue regardless of the test.

8. Don’t forget to turn on your new Zap!

You should be all set with lead assignment with Zapier. Please let our team know if you need additional assistance at support@Verse.io!

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