LionDesk has the ability for us to add “email activity” - or our communication as note -  in their CRM. To begin this setup, please log into your Zapier account and press the orange “Make a Zap” button. Below are instructions on how to set up this specific zap.

Step 1 - Trigger from 

1. Start by searching for and selecting’s Zapier app for the Trigger (as shown above). Next, choose the  “New Lead Activity" trigger and press the blue “Continue” button (as shown below).

2. Now you can connect your account to Zapier. Press the “Connect an Account.”

3. The screen below will pop up asking for your API key. To access this information, please log into your dashboard. Your specific API key can be found under “Settings,” then “Connections” on the bottom left hand side of the page. Once you have copied the API key in your dashboard, please paste it into this field as shown and press “Yes, Continue.

4. Now you should see your account like in the image above. If you press the “Test & Review” button by the second arrow you can confirm that this connection is working. When you are ready, please click “Done Editing.

6. Congratulations! You’ve now completed the first step of your zap. Next, we’ll finish building our zap by adding an Action step. Click on the next section below to choose an Action app.

Step 2 - Action for LionDesk

1.  Add LionDesk as the app and select “Add Email Activity" as the action. Then press the blue “Continue” button.

2. Connect to your Liondesk account to ensure our activity goes to your CRM.

3. Retrieve your API key from your LionDesk account >> Liondesk settings >> 3rd party integrations >> enable Zapier connect to view API key. Paste in your API key and press “Yes, Continue.” Then test the connection and click the blue “Continue” button.

4. Next, you can edit the email activity template so our communication appears correctly in LionDesk. The first important field to map is the “From Email Address.” This is what Liondesk will use to find the right lead to associate the note with in Liondesk. Select “Lead Email” as the dropdown option for this field.

5. Use the “Body Content” field to send our activity back to LionDesk. Select “ Note” from the dropdown to add all our communication to your CRM. Optional: After insert “ Note".

6. When you have set up the template correctly, please scroll down to the bottom of the page and press the blue “Continue” button. Next, Zapier will ask to test the zap. Please search your LionDesk account for the test email address given by Zapier. If the zap is working, there should be test activity on this contact. Below is an example of how our communication will appear in your LionDesk account.

7. When you have successfully tested your zap, please make sure to turn the toggle on and name your new creation! The zap must be turned on in order to work for live leads.

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