Here at we understand the importance of having all the information you need in one place! If you are using KvCore as your CRM, you have the ability to transfer our lead summaries to KvCore by adding your Dropbox Email as an additional email address in your dashboard. Please follow the simple steps below to learn how!*Please be advised that notes will only post once a lead has been Qualified or Unqualified, and will not include any lead activity that took place during the engagement process. The information included in email notifications is what you will see in KvCore.


Step One: Log in to your KvCore dashboard.

Step Two: Click on the Lead Engine tab on the left hand side.

Step Three: Click on Choose Lead Source.


Step Four: On the following page, you will see your Dropbox Email. Select copy!


Step five: Log in to your Dashboard. 

Step six: Copy the Dropbox Email and paste it into the Receive Additional Email Notifications field in the dashboard under Settings > Communication & then Save at the bottom.

Now that your Dropbox Email is saved in your dashboard, our Lead Summaries for Qualified or Unqualified leads can be found under the lead profile in KvCore!

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