Here at we understand the importance of having all the information you need in one place! If you are using KvCore as your CRM, you have the ability to transfer our attempts back into KvCore by using Zapier. Please follow the simple steps below to learn how! notes would include any lead activity that took place during the engagement process.

Step 1 - Trigger from


  • Start by searching for and selecting Zapier app for the Trigger (as shown above). 

  • Next, choose the  “New Lead Activity" trigger and press the blue “Continue” button (as shown below).


  • Now you can connect your account to Zapier. Press the “Connect an Account.”

  • You’ll receive a pop up asking for your API key. To access this information, please log into your dashboard. Your specific API key can be found under Settings > Connections on the bottom left hand side of the page. Once you have copied the API key in your dashboard, please paste it into this field as shown and press “Yes, Continue.”


Step 2 - Action from KvCore

  • Search for the KvCore Zapier app and select it 

If you don't see the app listed, you may have to contact kvCore to be invited to use their Zapier app.


  • Click on “Update Contact” so that we can update your lead profiles with our Activity Notes


  • Connect to your KvCore Account w/ “+ Add a New Account


  • Connect to your KvCore Account w/ “+ Add a New Account” (You will need your Zapier API Key, which can be found in your KvCore Dashboard)


  • Next, we have to match fields in the Template step. Simply reference the email address field, and the “Note” field to log the note. The note field will log in the timeline of the lead.


  • You can either send the test over to KvCore, or skip the test on this step. 

Lastly, you can name your Zap and turn it on. Once you turn on this zap, will now send over lead activity notes over to your KvCore CRM!

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