CINC has the ability for us to filter your leads by lead source. To begin this setup, please log into your Zapier account and press the orange “Make a Zap” button. Below are instructions on how to set up this specific zap.

Step 1 - Trigger from Commissions Inc. 

1. Start by searching for and selecting the CINC Zapier app for the Trigger (as shown below). Please Note: This Zapier integration must be enabled by the team leader with CINC support. Their Zapier app is also available by invite only here.

2. Next, choose the “New Lead" trigger and press the blue “Continue” button.

3. Connect to your CINC account to ensure our activity goes to your CRM. You will need your Zapier API key and domain name, which can be found in CINC under “Profile and Settings”, then “Integrations”.

4. Next, Zapier will show samples to set up your Zap. Once you reach the screen below, please select one of the samples provided and then click “Done Editing.”

Congratulations! You’ve now completed the first step of your zap. Next we’ll add a filter step to our zap.


Step 2 - Create a Filter

1.Click on the addition icon below the first step and search for Zapier’s “Filter” app. Select the “Filter” app to continue.

2. Click on the first dropdown and select “Source.” For the second option, select “(Text) Exactly Matches.” Lastly enter the lead source name in the third field. Click on the “+ AND” options for any additional lead sources you would like to add. We suggest copy and pasting the source from your CINC account because the source name has to exactly match!

3. Click “Continue” to test and see if the lead would have passed our filter. If the lead contains our filtered leads, then it should not pass through the zap.

Step 3 - Create Path A

1.To add the next step, click on the addition icon and search for Zapier’s “Paths” app. We’ll need to create separate paths for seller and buyer leads to ensure that we engage your leads correctly. Select the “Paths” app to continue.

2. Select “Path A” then press “Setup Paths to Finish.”

3. Next, please enter “Buyer” in the “Name” field then press the blue “continue” button.

4. Press the down arrow and select “Buyer Lead” for the field on the left. For the option on the right, select “(Boolean) Is true,” then click on “Test & Continue.”


5. Click “Continue” to close out of the test.

Step 4 - Action for - Path A  

1. Add as the Action App. Because the Trigger is “New Lead” in CINC, we also need to create this lead in

2. Once you’ve added this app, please select “Create Lead" as the action and press the blue “Continue” button.

3. Now you will need to connect your account. You can find your API key in our dashboard under “Settings”, then “Connections” in the bottom left-hand corner.

*Please note: that each team member account has its own API key. If you have multiple accounts with, you will need to build a zap for each team member or profile.  If you are sharing one dashboard, please see our Teams article to see how to create and administer your team. When you are ready, please click “Continue.”

4. Next, you can set up the new buyer lead to transfer from CINC to Complete all fields by clicking the “Insert a field button,” as shown below. Please note that your new lead must have a phone number to transfer via Zapier since this is a required field in app.

Also, remember to enter “buyer” in the “Lead Type” field to ensure we are using the correct scripts.

5. Click “Insert a field” to enter a lead source. Select an option from the dropdown and “Continue”. This is helpful so you can see data and analytics about your leads with Insights.

Step 5 - Create Path B

1. Next, select “Path B” to add a seller path. Please enter “Seller” in the “Name” field then press “continue”.

2. Press the down arrow and select “Seller Lead” for the field on the left. For the option on the right, select “(Boolean) Is true,” then click on “Continue.”


To finish building our zap, we’ll need to create another action for the "Seller.”

Please click on Blue Plus Sign and repeat step 3 to create this action.

Congratulations! You have just created a multi-step zap with paths - you are impressive!

Before the zap is live, please make sure to turn the toggle on and name your new creation! The zap must be turned on in order to work for live leads!

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