We can connect to your active LeadPops funnels that are currently getting traffic, and we are able to obtain lead information as soon as a lead submits their form from within your funnels. Please use the following steps to send those leads over to Verse.io:

1) Log into your LeadPops Funnels 2.0 dashboard here.


2) Locate your active funnels you want to connect to Verse.io. You can tell which funnels are active based off which ones have a purple dot next to them.

3)Click on the funnel and go to “Lead Alerts”


4) Here you will be able to add your Verse.io forwarding email address by clicking “Add Recipient” and pasting the email found in your Verse.io dashboard.


5) Rinse and Repeat the previous steps for every funnel you want connected to Verse.io.

6)Once all of your funnels have been connected, then you are all good to go!

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