If you would like to connect your leads to Verse.io with a webhook, we recommend using Zapier to help automate the workflow.

Step 1 - Set Up Webhook

To start, please log into your Zapier account, and then press the orange “Make a zap” button.
For the first step, please choose the app “Webhooks by Zapier.” Then for the Trigger, select “Catch Hook” and click “Continue.”


 Next you will see a unique URL. Please send at least one sample request to this URL so Zapier can help you map the fields to Verse,ui. If you would like to know what fields are available in Verse.io’s platform, you can see the options under Step 2.

Also, where it asks you to “Pick off a Child Key”, you can immediately press “Continue” as this is an optional, unnecessary step for most connections.

Once you had sent at least one sample to the URL, please click the blue “Continue” button. Then Zapier will work to pull the samples into a format you can match to Verse.io fields.
You will need to select one of the samples for Zapier to pull the correct fields for the next step. Then press continue and now we can map the information into Verse.io!

Step 2 - Map Webhook to Verse.io

For the action step, please choose the "Verse.io" Zapier app. If you need an invitation to this app (or can’t find it in Zapier), reach out to support@verse.io!

After selecting the Verse.io app, choose the action “Create Lead” and press “Continue”.

Next you’ll need to connect your Verse.io account to Zapier. Press the “+Add a New Account” button to pop-up the window for the API key. To find your unique Zapier API key, please go to your Verse.io dashboard. This information will be under “Settings”, the “Connections” in the bottom left-hand corner.

Press the blue “Continue” button to insert the fields from your webhook into the matching Verse.io options on the next page.

Below are all the fields you can map with Verse.io’s Zapier app. If you don’t see a matching option, we recommend including that information under “Lead Comment” for our Concierge team. We also suggest being specific in the “Lead Source” field, especially if you’d like to use our Insights dashboard for analytics.

Note: You can also connect your leads to Verse.io via email parsing. Our engineering team will support the unique format of your email notifications within 3-5 business days. Feel free to contact our success team for more information at support@verse.io.

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