To connect Instapage to, please add your unique email into the lead notification settings within your Instapage account.

Please follow the steps below:

Step 1: Log in to your Instapage dashboard.

Step 2: Select envelope icon to the right of a page you would to receive leads from.

Step 3: Select "Lead Notifications."

Step 4:  Add your custom email into "Lead Notifications" settings.

Step 5: Remember to "Save" changes.

Step 6: Select "Preview And Test" to submit a test lead so can ensure we are connected correctly to receive all new lead email notifications from the page selected.

Step 7: Add custom email to the "Recipients" field. Then, select "Send Test Email."


Step 8: You will need to repeat these steps for each page you want us to work!

Once you have completed these steps, you're good to go! 

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