Below are a list of suggested strategies in creating the best possible opportunities for you and your team.

1. Enable text notifications. Once a lead is qualified by, you’ll receive a text message right away!

2. For Qualified Leads, reference the Concierge Notes in the email notification and review the conversation in your dashboard so you are fully informed when speaking with your leads. It’s always best to reach out to the lead right away, unless specified otherwise. Try giving them a call and if they don’t respond, send a text to follow up! Be sure to reference “Alex” (or the name you have saved for your Concierge). E.g. “Alex mentioned that you were looking for… and we are excited to get started!”

3. If a Calendly appointment has been booked, send a text reminder ahead of time to confirm the appointment. TIP: If you are using the Pro version of Calendly, you can automate this!

4. Please save our phone number so you know it's us calling! When we are Live Transferring a warm lead to you over the phone, we will be calling from 833-766-5190. TIP: You can also give us a different ringtone so you know it’s calling!

5. If you are needing to perform a mass import of leads into your CRM, please be sure to pause your lead flow from the dashboard! Otherwise, we will reach out to every lead you imported.

Our Success team would love to discuss these best practices with you! Please feel free to contact us at!

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