For Zillow Teams using Zillow Concierge & Verse, we advise clients to add their assigned phone number to one team member's account (i.e. team leader), and then utilize Zillow's Broadcasting/Routing feature so that the calls broadcast to everyone on your team at once including concierge.

This allows to give your team leverage, and if one of your team members answers the Zillow call first, great! If no-one answers, will serve as your backup to ensure you never miss a call.

To set this up, replace the number added to your personal Zillow profile or your team member's profile with the assigned phone number! Please follow the simple set up steps below to get started:

Step 1 - Retrieve the phone number assigned to your account1. Go to the Settings section in your dashboard and select the tab for Concierge.

2. Copy the Phone Number displayed below Assigned Contact Info. 

Step 2 - Add your phone number to your personal Zillow profile or team member profile1. Navigate here to update the number saved in your Zillow profile settings:

2. Paste your phone number in the Cell phone field and save.  

Step 3 - Setup Zillow Broadcasting/Routing Rules

Set up your Zillow broadcasting rules for your team by navigating here:

Once you've completed these steps, you are good to go!  Please reach out to our Success Team by emailing if you are needing further assistance!

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