With CallConnect, You have the ability to broadcast up to 5 contacts when your leads contact your Assigned Verse.io Phone Number. You can also set how many seconds for Verse.io to wait before picking up the phone if no one in the team answers the phone. With this feature our 24/7 concierge team can be your backup for answering incoming calls so you will never miss another opportunity again. Please follow the simple set up steps below to get started.

1. Go to the Settings section in your Verse.io dashboard and select the tab for Communication.

2. Under Incoming Phone Calls,  Enable Inbound Calls to activate this feature.

3. By default, if a lead calls the assigned Verse.io Number, it will send the call to Verse.io. To change this, select the next option for Verse.io as a backup.

4. By clicking Add another contact, you can configure which contacts to ring by inputting their name and phone number. You can do this for up to 5 contacts to broadcast.

5. You can also set how many seconds Verse.io will wait before answering a phone call on your behalf.

6. After you're done setting up, be sure to save your settings with the Save button at the bottom of the screen.

7. Now you and your team are good to go! 

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