We recommend locking your time zone in Calendly to ensure that our Concierge team is referencing your time zone when scheduling phone appointments.

To make this change, please follow the steps below:

Step 1: Please log into your Calendly .

Step 2: Once you have logged in, all of your event types should be visible under “My Calendly”. For the 15 minute event type, click on the grey gear icon in the top right hand corner. Then, choose “Edit”.

Step 3:  On the next page, please choose the second large box, which says “When can people book this event?”.  If you’d prefer a video tutorial, please click here.

Step 4: Next, under the third header “Event Time Zone”, select “Edit” in blue at the end of the line.

Step 5: When the new window pops up, please select the option “Locked” at the top (#1), and in the middle of the screen (#2), please choose your time zone. When you are ready, please choose “Apply” at the bottom of the popup (#3).

Step 6: Once you have locked the timezone, please click the blue “Save and Close” button. This will save your changes and ensure that our Concierge team is scheduling phone appointments based on your local time.

If you need any additional assistance, please reach out to our Success team at support@Verse.io.

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