Things to Know & Best Practices:

  • Our Concierge team will be scheduling call appointments only, and not in-person appointments. 

  • Our Concierge team does not have the ability to reschedule any appointments. 

  • Make sure to block out time in your Google Calendar for ALL of the times you would be unavailable to take a phone appointment. 

  • Feel free to set up invitee questions (i.e, you can ask the lead, "What is the best number to reach you at for the appointment?"), personalize your notifications, enable or disable email reminders, switch to email confirmations vs. calendar invitations, and customize the title and body of your Calendly invites. 

  • After a 14-day free trial, you are only allowed one event type - the 15 Minute Phone Meeting. 

  • iCloud users: To successfully connect your calendar to Calendly, you must enable two-factor authentication and create an app-specific password. Click here to learn how to create this password.

Same day appointments + Setting up availability:

  • Do you want same day appointments? Most hot leads request to speak with an agent that same day! Click here to learn more about how to enable same day appointments within Calendly.

  • Are you free when you should be unavailable? Click here to learn more about how you can check for "busy" events in your connected calendar.

  • Click here to learn more about Calendly's advanced availability rules including your availability increments, maximum number of events per day, adding a minimum scheduling notice, and adding buffers before or after events.

Please follow these detailed instructions to setup your Calendly: 

1. Go to and then select "Pricing" on the top header.

2. Review pricing options here and note that the basic plan is free and includes: integrations with Google Calendar, Office 365, Outlook and iCloud, 1 event type, automated event notifications and knowledge base access. You may upgrade if you wish to have unlimited event types and unlock additional features.

3. Enter the Gmail address you would like synced with your Calendly and click on "Sign Up".

4. Please proceed by clicking on "Sign up with Google". This will automatically connect your calendar so you can start using Calendly right away!

5. Select the Gmail account you would like to link with your Calendly.

6. Click on "ALLOW".

7. In the first box following, enter your first and last name. In the second box, select your timezone. In the third box, choose the preferred language for your Calendly meeting and then click on "NEXT".

8.  Once you have watched the short video on getting started with Calendly, select "Go to your Dashboard".

9. You are now in your Calendly Dashboard! Please select "Event Types". 

10.  Select "15 Minute Meeting". 


11. Here you can edit the Event Type to represent what the event is! Our recommended setup steps are to add "15 Minute Phone Meeting" for the event type, "I will call you!" for the location, and to fill out any description you would like in the Description/Instructions box.

12. Click on "Save & Close".


13. As you can see below, you have the option to customize when people can book this event, add Invitee Questions, Invitee Notifications, Custom Links, and Collect Payments. Please feel free to utilize these features!

14. Once completed, click on "View Live Page".

Once you have completed these steps, you're good to go! Your Calendly is now live and linked to your Google account.

Final Step
Please add your custom Calendly URL to the Calendly field within your dashboard settings. To do so, perform the following steps or watch the video below.

  • Go to the Settings section in your dashboard and select the tab for Profile. 

  • Add your Calendly URL to the Calendly Field.

  • After making any edits, please be sure to click the Save button at the bottom of the page.

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